Melanie Roldan, the artist known as M.E.L. (Mind Evolving Lyricist) is a singer/songwriter/model born and raised in Chicago. She is a fierce MC with a commanding tone and a dexterous flow that was honed early on in her life, as she sang in choirs throughout her childhood. She discovered Hip-Hop later in her life due to her natural curiosity and an affinity for the unseen and the supernatural, which she alludes to not only in her music but in her aesthetic as well. She got her name M.E.L. from meeting Kendrick Lamar in an airport when she was 16, as she approached him to show gratitude for his art, in which he unexpectedly bestowed her name to her, even before she chose to rap! She creates heartfelt music combining rap and soul seamlessly with a sultry tone, tackling issues of spirituality and womanhood. Her upcoming project “MELEMENT” is due to drop Autumn 2020.